Multi-Nation Missions Foundation

Canadian supporters we have great news! Ninotte has joined with Multi-Nations Foundation based in Abbotsford, BC.

Multi-Nation Missions Foundation is a Canadian charitable organization with a motto: “Bringing Hope to the Unreached and Those in Need.” What this means for Ninotte is that she will have MNMF support in terms of her mission, vision, budgeting and ultimately will have financial accountability. MNMF will provide oversight to her projects and will be the link between Canadian supporters and Ninotte. This means that those who have been supporting Ninotte will finally be able to get a tax receipt for all their donations!

This is great news for those of you who would like to contribute but haven’t been able to write off donations in the past. This is a huge step forward for Grace Community Birth Center. So Canadian friends, jump on board and click on this link that will take you to the MNMF donation page where you can specify a donation to Ninotte. Check out Ninotte’s MNMF profile here.

MNMF will take a 5% administration fee, the rest goes right to Haiti where it will be put to work. Share this news with your friends and family. Good things to come!

Travel to US and Fundraiser 11/13

Tomorrow, Ninotte is traveling to the US and will be stateside until December 10. As part of her trip and in coordination with Dance of Life Midwifery, she will be holding a fundraiser for Grace Birth Center in Traverse City, MI.

It will be a great time to meet Ninotte if you have never met her before, or to catch up with her if you have! There will be Haitian-style food to sample and a variety of beverages. Ninotte will talk about the project, where we are, and what is needed. You will also be able to purchase Haitian artwork.

Fundraiser Details
Saturday, November 13
4 pm – 6pm
The Grand Traverse Circuit
425 W 14th St.

Mark your calendars!

Please check the Dance of Life Midwifery and Grace Community Birth Center Facebook pages for more details closer to the event. Email or FB Message us if you would like to be added to a mailing list for the event. We hope to see many of you there!


So much has been going on with the Grace Community Birth Center Project over the past two and half months!

Thanks to generous donations from the following supporters, Ninotte was able to pay the engineer to finalize the architectural plans for Grace Birth Center and to continue traveling to the land that will house the Center:

Valentina Villa

Colleen Donahoe

Makaia Foster

Summer Bigham

Mercy in Action, Vineyard inc.

S. Star Bontrager

Thank you all!

And stay tuned for a blueprint of the plans!

During one of her visits to the land this summer, Ninotte found a nest of bees. With the help of SAGE, she was able to capture the swarm and relocate it to a hive. Now Grace will have its own honey supply!



Finally, Ninotte will be traveling the United States during the month of October in order to promote the Grace Community Birth Center Project. We will be updating soon about her plans for fundraising. In the meantime, we continue to need your support for Ninotte’s travel and to support the implementation of larger fundraising efforts. Please donate what you can and consider becoming a recurring monthly donor!

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Well Plans



On June 16, Ninotte traveled to Grand Basin to meet the couple that is going to drill the well for the birth center. Jacqueline and Wilfrid Napoleon are integrated entrepreneurs. They have been in business for years, married with eight children. She is very excited to work with them. They did a field visit, checked for water placement, and set the price and the timeline for completion of the well.


She also met with community leaders in Grand Basin and they continue to have great hope and confidence in the project.

Finally, Ninotte met with the engineer who is in the finishing up the architectural plan as we speak!

We are excited about this incredible progress and we continue to ask for your support and assistance. Right now the best thing you can do to help is continue to donate money! Consider whether you might be able to make recurring monthly donations. Thank you!



Donations Update

Hi Friends,

So far we have received one $25 donation towards our current $2000 fundraising goal! Many thanks to the lovely Marijke for her support of Grace Community Birth Center. However, we are going to need a lot more support from the rest of you!

Please take a moment and send a few dollars our way. Consider how much you would be able to give as a recurring monthly donation. You can do this by clicking on the link below and checking the box that says “Make This Recurring (Monthly)” (it is to the right of the donation amount box).

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Thank you and stay tuned for more donation updates! We appreciate all of our supporters so much! We can’t do this without you.

Blessings to you,

Tara and Ninotte


Architectural Plans

Hi everyone! We are SO EXCITED to see that the Grace blog now has over 400 followers!

We want to thank each of you who have been following and helping us get where we are today. We need to keep working together so we can bring about the change that we desire to see in the maternal and neonatal world.

Since meeting with the community, we have started working with an engineer to get an architectural plan and a budget for the building of the birth center. We need your support to fund these plans!

We are also looking for support to get Ninotte on the site once a month to keep building a relationship with the community.

So, at this time we need to raise $2000 for the architectural and upcoming travel expenses.

It always meant a lot to Grace Community Birth Center to know how much you care and support our work to bring change to Haiti. Much has been done, so much is happening right now, but a lot still has to be done for the renewal of this country. We do not mean to say that our small contribution will make the entire change but, we are 100% sure that our work will add to what others have done so far.

Please give as you are able and consider making a monthly recurring donation! If each of our followers donated $10 right now we would have more than $4000. How amazing would that be!

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Thank you so much!

With LOVE,
Ninotte Lubin, CPM

Main Street in Grand Basin (Terrier Rouge), Haiti


Grand Basin is excited for Grace!


After some delays, on February 27, we were finally able to hold a community meeting in Grand Basin in the municipality of Terrier Rouge (population 29,000), where the land for Grace Birth Center is located. It was a huge success! There were around 200 people at the meeting, who are excited for the project; they are eager to see the start of construction that will bring the beginning of the services that will be provided.

IMG_20160227_105833783We wanted to hear all participants to really understand their needs. I was surprised to hear that the Ministry of Health has already prohibited the traditional midwives from delivering babies at home. People are frustrated. They don’t know why this has happened. I am planning to investigate further. It seems the battle has already begun.

The second major concern in the community is the teen pregnancy rate. As it’s said in Creole: timoun ap fe timoun (kids are giving births to kids). People were pleased to hear that a sexual education service is planned for Grace Community Birth Center. They expect these services to put a stop to the unwanted teen pregnancies and thus reduce poverty in the community.

Everyone wanted to know if it was a dream or a reality because very often people come with beautiful projects that they begin and never finish. When I told them that the field is ready and the person who offered it is one of them, they congratulated the donor and all who have supported us in making the papers official. They were even more excited to hear that the well project has been funded and it will be there soon.


People are thirsty to participate in the development of their community. The elderly want to leave something vital for their children and grandchildren. They will encourage each other to understand the project and participate. They believe that God has sent us to bring life in the community and that name Grace is fitting.

The mayor of the town, who is the sister of the land donor, has pledged her support to the project.

I am appreciative of how much people know what they want and are ready to help us make it happen.

There will be more updates soon as we move into the next steps of the project.

Thanks for your support and love for Haiti. Blessings to you!


A Community Gathering

Ninotte with land donor
Ninotte and the land donor in Cap Hatien

Next week, while many people have a holiday for carnival season, we are holding a community gathering to introduce the Birth Center project. We want to communicate our goals, intentions, and visions to our local community leaders in order to hopefully gain their support and assistance.

We’re looking to raise $500 to cover travel and supply expenses. Any donation you can provide is greatly appreciated! We are looking forward to this opportunity to share our plans with our local community, who will benefit most from this much needed birth center.

Updates and pictures coming soon.

Thanks for your donations!

Ninotte Lubin, CPM

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Building a Well

Ninotte with her miniature well.


A Christmas Gift!

In December, I traveled to Michigan to spend some time with the Mazzaras and the Mulders, who are both like family to me. My time with them always warms me and encourages me to continue pursing my vision of serving the women and children of the world as a midwife- particularly those of Haiti. They are special people!

Christmas in the States is not comparable to Christmas at home. Poverty has so engulfed the large majority of the Haitian population that every year, waiting for Santa Claus remains a dream. So, Christmas in the states was overwhelming, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless.

My first Christmas experience last year at Kate’s home in Howell, Michigan was incredible. One of the sweetest moments was, on Christmas day receiving a cup of hot coffee in bed served by her youngest son, Sam. Not to mention other gifts received the same day.

This year, I spent Christmas at Kathi’s house in Traverse City. Christmas eve with the Mulders was GREAT. I had the chance to chat, share, and spend time with my special friends Tara, Celia, and Hannah (Kathi and Craig’s daughters), Susan Odgers, and others. Christmas Day, I received so many gifts that I felt spoiled.

While in Michigan, I shared my progress on the birth center land with Kate and Pete Mazzara. I mentioned to them that the first thing I will need to do it build a well so that we can have water for our center. Surprise! When I got to their house a few days after Christmas, they gave me a miniature well as the symbol of their gift to Grace Birth Center:

They are funding the well!

What a gift! Water!

Water is of major importance to all living things. Water makes up a significant fraction of the human body. Before being born, a baby’s environment is water. There is so much to say about water!

Christmas symbolizes the birth of Jesus, the Savior, my Savior. Midwives help and support women at birth. Jesus, himself in his teachings, spoke a lot about water. He said in John 4:13 “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, 14 but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

I don’t mean to say that water offered by Kate and Pete will bring eternal life to the women we will be serving at the birth center; but having water available for them will help with their thirst, the hot weather, the birth environment, our community garden, and so much more.

Thank you Kate and Pete Mazzara!

We love you!

Ninotte Lubin, CPM