October Update

October 2021

We are happy to report that Ninotte was able to travel to the USA safely! She arrived in Chicago on Saturday evening 10/23. She will stay for a few days with Nancy Cowans, one of the board members, before making her way to Traverse City. Ninotte will be renewing her Certified Professional Midwifery credential, conducting meetings about the project, and enjoying some much needed rest.

Because of continuing concerns with COVID-19 we are not having the annual in-person fundraiser. Instead we are hosting a zoom gathering with Ninotte on Sunday November 7th from 4:00-5:00 pm. You will have a chance to see Ninotte and hear firsthand what’s been happening in Haiti and with the project.
If you wish to join the zoom gathering, use this link:


Phone number to call in: 929 205 6099

Meeting ID: 751 217 4223
Passcode: 788493

We will post the content in our November communique for those unable to join the Zoom.

Advisory Board
We are still looking for another board member to join the team, preferably someone with international experience working with non-profits. E-mail Kathi at kathimulder@gmail.com with any suggestions. The board meets monthly via zoom.

Thank you again for your support of the Grace Community Birth Center Project. It could not happen without all of us working together. Please continue to support Ninotte and the project by donating at this page. All donations are greatly appreciated!

Recent news from the Grace Community Birth Center project

August 1, 2021

After more than a year of uncertainty due to the pandemic I am happy to report that the project is moving forward. Despite no one being able to travel in or out of Haiti, Ninotte has continued to provide prenatal and postpartum care, work with the women’s groups, teach sexual education classes and cultivate various agricultural projects on the property.Although our typical fundraising events did not take place in 2020 a couple of very generous donors sent in contributions bringing the building fund up to $130,000! And our sustaining monthly donors continue to keep the project afloat. We are forever grateful to these kind people.

Current unrest
Besides dealing with Covid Haiti was again hit with a very rough period of social unrest. You likely have heard of the assassination of Jovenel Moise, the President of Haiti, on July 7. Ninotte is doing well enough though travel across the country is dangerous at this time. Grand Bassin, the town close to the Grace Community Center, is far enough from Port au Prince and Cap Haitien to feel safer, though the economic troubles afflict the entire country.

Ninotte recently commented to one of the project’s supporters: “It’s a sad and unfortunate event that we have been dealing with in Haiti. I am fighting the battle so far and hope for a better tomorrow. People’s hearts are full of greed and hatred. All about POWER and MONEY. Poor us, the ordinary people, the working classes! Something somehow must change. It starts with everyone’s effort. I am doing what I can.”

Advisory Board
The advisory board went through its own period of challenges with some people needing to step off. We give thanks to Nadia Daniels-Moehle and Christina Moord who made significant and valuable contributions to the project. We welcome Reina Galjour and Rachel Olsson, midwives who have worked with Ninotte in Haiti and look forward to their ideas and enthusiasm. Through all of the changes Ninotte has remained remarkably steadfast in her commitment and fierce determination to see the building project commence.

Birth Center
We have resumed talks with the Building Goodness Foundation, the organization providing architectural and construction management expertise for the project. We are evaluating the use of rammed earth construction as a way to use local materials rather than relying on imported cement.

Local labor will be used as much as possible. Finalizing construction design, materials to be used, and a timeline for breaking ground will take place over the next few months.
Support Ninotte
There are multiple ways you can support Ninotte and the project:

Donate at any time at this page. All donations are greatly appreciated! And consider becoming a monthly donor – this is so valuable as a way to keep the project going.

We are looking for one more person to join the advisory board ideally someone with international non-profit experience. If you would like to talk about this opportunity, email Kathi at kathimulder@gmail.com

We are hoping to bring Ninotte to the USA in November – if you would like to meet with her or have ideas for speaking engagements/fundraisers let us know

Fundraiser for the Grace Community Birth Center Project

We are moving to the next phase of the GCBC project and we want to show you the building plans for the Grace Community Birth Center. You will have an opportunity to hear from and talk with Ninotte Lubin about the project and to find out what we need for this next phase.

November 16
4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
2988 W. Burdickville Rd., Maple City

Please join us for:

  • Music by Elizabeth Landry (aka as E-Minor)
  • Beverages: Cider from Taproot Cider House, beer and other drinks
  • Food from Nepalese Have Another
  • Haitian artwork will be on display and available for sale
  • Opportunity to tour the Nature event space and glamping resort

Program Schedule

4:30 PM     Music by Elizabeth Landry and beverages

5:30 PM     Food

6:00 PM     Presentation from Ninotte Lubin, CPM, from Grand Bassin, Haiti, Director of the Grace Community Birth Center Project

7:30 PM     Event ends

Location: 2988 W. Burdickville Rd., Maple City, MI 49664

Questions or more information: gcbs.advisory.board@gmail.com or 231.715.0009

Many thanks and much appreciation to our donors: Nature, Elizabeth Landry, Nepalese Have Another, and Taproot Cider House