Advisory Board

Kathi Mulder, CPM has been the owner and director of Dance of Life Midwifery Services, LLC in Traverse City, Michigan for the past 26 years. She first met Ninotte when she traveled to Jacmel, Haiti to work for Mother Health International, an organization providing maternity care relief services following the 2010 earthquake. Kathi was one of the midwives who trained Ninotte to meet her CMP requirements and now helps to fundraise for Grace Community Birth Center.

Rubinste St. Louis is a member of SAGE (Society for Support and Management of the Environment), a local organization in the northern region of Haiti that is partnering with GCBC.

Melinda Parenteau, CPM is a registered midwife with Southern Health- Sante Sud in Winkler Manitoba Canada. Melinda and Ninotte first met in Haiti in 2010 and have worked together ever since. Melinda was one of Ninotte’s formal preceptors during her 6 year midwifery apprenticeship.

Reina Galjour has been a Certified Professional Midwife since 2004. She worked in Texas on the US/Mexico border for 7 years and Haiti for 3 years, and currently works as an ER nurse in North Carolina, USA. Reina met Ninotte in 2011 at Olive Tree Projects in Jacmel, Haiti where they worked together for 5 months at a community birth center. Reina knows Ninotte to be a driven and visionary Haitian woman who has dedicated herself to improving maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality in Haiti through high-quality midwifery care, an art that Ninotte has been cultivating for years and continues to refine. Reina believes that the most effective way to support positive change in Haiti is through channeling resources to grassroots, Haitian-led initiatives such as Grace Community Birth Center because they are ultimately more sustainable, cost-effective, appropriate for the setting, and culturally congruent. She invites those interested in helping to improve maternal and neonatal care in Haiti to invest in this long-term, sustainable community intervention.

Craig Mulder is retired from a long career in education, most recently at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City. He serves as treasurer for the Board.

Marty Arkin, MD, PhD is an ophthalmologist and he has performed eye surgery on mission trips in Haiti several times. He is also the president of the Bay Eye Charitable Foundation (GCBC’s parent organization) that provides assistance in developing countries for medical care.