Fall 2019 At Grace – Building Design

Architectural Drawing of Proposed Birth Center

We are excited to announce we are partnering with Building Goodness Foundation to design and manage the construction of the birth center. Earlier this summer, architect Steve Miller from Iowa City traveled to Haiti to meet with Ninotte Lubin. Along with Board members Rubinste St. Louis, Kathi Mulder and Craig Mulder, and Lauren McRaven from BGF, they surveyed the building site, developed a list of requirements and reviewed other clinics and hospitals in the area.

Steve worked with his firm, SlingShot, to develop an initial set of architectural drawings for the Birth Center and to start work on the construction plans for the building.

Now the next step is to raise the necessary funds (approximately $150,000) for the construction and to demonstrate that we have commitments to the ongoing operational costs of the birth center, which will increase to about $45,000 annually.

Ninotte will be in the Traverse City area in November to meet with various people and groups. The primary fundraiser will be Saturday, November 16, at Nature in Leelanau County. Check this website for further details.

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