Late Winter and Early Spring 2019 at Grace

Ninotte Lubin and baby

Reflecting on Grace Community Birth Center (GCBC) and her work over the winter, Ninotte Lubin has “hope to continue positively toward a strong community where women and babies are served respectfully in a loving and compassionate way for a better future.”


Haiti is still feeling the affects of the protests that broke out on February 7th, the country was “locked for weeks”. GCBC has not stopped working in the community to serve families and work toward renewal. As Ninotte said, “A midwife is a leader. Being aware and living through the challenges have strengthened my conviction and passion to serve.”

On May 18th, Ninotte gave a talk at GCBC on “violence experienced during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum and its consequences on a child’s brain development” to 30 primary school teachers. Her presentation was met with much enthusiasm.


Through the country’s struggles in February, Ninotte was unable to buy gas but  she was able to present some sex ed classes as well as see patients for prenatal care and family planning. 

Ninotte is currently seeing a few women for prenatal care and assisting a new mother and beautiful baby with postpartum care.

35 women are seeing Ninotte for family planning. Without the Birth Center itself, family planning is the most in-demand service.

New mother and baby


The garden on the GCBC property did not fare well through the winter’s dry spell. This spring, the well broke and Ninotte used some funds from the fall fundraising for repairs. Now the garden is well-watered and thriving. 

Over the winter the 25 beehives on the property yielded four gallons of honey which Ninotte used to invest in nine more beehives. GCBC has now acquired 33 of its 50 beehive goal.

Exciting News:

On June 1st advisory board members Kathi and Craig will visit GCBC along with representatives from the Building Goodness Foundation (BGF). BGF will draw up plans and estimate a budget for the building project. BGF will then review the project and potentially supply supervisors for construction once funding is secured. 

GCBC’s Instagram page will be updated regularly as Kathi and Craig send photographs from the trip, go stay tuned.

New baby girl

 “Keep us in your heart. Grow with us.”

—Ninotte Lubin

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Written by Nadia Daniels-Moehle

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