Late Summer 2018 at Grace

As summer dwindles, exciting things are on the horizon for GCBC. Ninotte is working hard to prepare for her autumn trip to the US, with the biggest goal being to raise the funds to build the birth center itself. 

Birth and Care:

Ninotte continues to provide valuable prenatal, postpartum, and family planning care to the women of the Grand Bassin community. As soon as the birth center is built, Ninotte will start attending births. 

Grace Community Birth Center. Ninotte Lubin. Midwifery. Haiti. Midwifery Haiti. GCBC
Ninotte attending an expectant mother

Ninotte is immersed in plans for the future of GCBC, and is currently looking forward to a visit from Every Mother Counts in mid-September. 

Sexual Education Classes:

Ninotte has succeeded in combining the sexual education classes with the crafting workshops; the young women are not only learning important information they are also engaged in learning useful skills.

Grace Community Birth Center. Ninotte Lubin. Haiti. Sexual Education Haiti. Nadia Daniels-Moehle.
The young women in the sexual education class with their newly crafted sandals

The young women are doing their best and, together, were able to make a pair of sandals. Ninotte reflected that “they are very enthusiastic.” 

The garden:

GCBC is continually working with the Grand Bassin community to build relationships and trust, and the garden at the GCBC site has been a great way to do just that. 

Grace Community Birth Center. Ninotte Lubin. Haiti. Gardening in Haiti. Haitian food.
Ninotte and community members working in the garden

While the planting season was irregular this year (there was little rain) the peanuts were still successfully harvested. 

Upcoming events:

Ninotte’s trip to the US promises lots of opportunities to connect: she will not only be visiting Michigan, but also New York. For the New York leg of the journey, Ninotte will be giving a public lecture at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie.

Stay tuned for dates and more events.


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Written by Nadia Daniels-Moehle

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