Late Spring 2018 at Grace

Grace Community Birth Center (GCBC) understands the importance of transparency in the development of community relationships. Part of this development is engagement, and Ninotte has involved and empowered young people and mothers alike.

For Mother’s Day Florcie spoke to a group at GCBC about mother’s roles in “community, society, and the world”. After the talk women shared what they learned and how they would integrate these lessons into family life.

Creative ways of engaging young people has proven successful, with a lot of room to grow. At a sexual education class participants had fun making cards for their mothers, in celebration of mothers day, after the class.



A first time client at GCBC was able to have a great birth, thanks in part to Ninotte’s expertise, the mother of 6 was very happy and thankful.



As the garden continues to flourish, the peanut plants grow strong and there is space prepared to pant plantains. A section of the property will be filled with pigeon peas and tapioca, which originates from the cassava root, both of these are great nourishment in the Haitian diet.

GCBC has partnered with Community Coalition for Haiti (CCH), of Jacmel, to teach Days for Girls in schools. Rubinste St. Louis, in-country director for CCH and GCBC board member, and Melissa Jean-Bart, Health resources and clinic coordinator, were kind enough to give 40 Days for Girls kits to GCBC, and Ninotte is now able to supply them to girls in the community. More happy members of the GCBC community:

These young women valued the kits and their privacy: concealing their faces with their kits.

Stay tuned for regular updates from Grace Community Birth Center.

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Written by Nadia Daniels-Moehle

One thought on “Late Spring 2018 at Grace

  1. So wonderful to see that Ninotte is going to be teaching the Days for Girls curriculum in schools. I need to connect with her to find out how I can help.


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