July Classes at Grace: Micro-Finance, Prenatal Visits, Sexual Education, and Theater

On June 23, Ninotte held a meeting with 17 women from the Grand Bassin community to discuss putting together a grant for a micro-finance loan. She held a second meeting on July 9th at which 24 were women present. She taught them about leadership and led a productive group discussion about the women’s concerns in the community. Ninotte sees micro-finance as a promising way forward for the women of Grand Bassin and a potential avenue to jump-start sustainable support for Grace Birth Center. She plans to continue discussing idea for micro-loan projects with the women.

Also on July 9th, Ninotte saw four pregnant women for prenatal visits. These check-ups have been difficult to do given the limitation of their current spaces and the lack of privacy, but she found a way! They are all looking forward to having a more stable structure in which to hold classes and conduct prenatal and postpartum visits.

On June 24th, Ninotte held her biweekly girls’ sexual education and family planning course.

Then on July 8th, her friend Eby, who works in film production, came to the girls’ classes to discuss theater. He taught the girls about writing and acting as a way to increase their confidence and sense of self-worth. There were 60 girls present.

The new speaker and generator, provided by a generous contribution from the Rotary Foundation of Traverse City have been working out great!

As for the Grace land, Ninotte and her team continue to make improvements in anticipation of more permanent inhibition. Over the past couple weeks they have planted Moringa Trees, which will provide flowers for the bees and a source of food for the pregnant women, as the the leaves of full of protein. They also planted more citrus tree and some root vegetables.

Below are some pictures of the activities over the last few weeks.

Watching and discussing a film in the girls’ class:



Eby’s Theater Workshop:


The Moringa Trees:


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