May at Grace

I’m late posting, but May was a busy month for Grace Community Birth Center. Despite lots of rain and bad roads, Ninotte traveled to Grand Bassin and taught full classes on the 13th and the 20th. She also oversaw the completion of the well. There is water for Grace! The first construction milestone is complete. Big thanks to the Mazzara family!

Now that there is a fence and a water source, Ninotte and team have planted some fruit trees on the land. They have constructed more beehives and intend to eventually use the honey as an income source for Grace.

From May 30th- June 1st,  Ninotte and her colleague, Tania, again traveled to Grand Bassin to complete a training session on newborn care for community members. Six people completed the training and learned essential skills such as newborn resuscitation and cord burning.

Finally, Ninotte has her first patients. Two young women in the community are pregnant and Ninotte will attend their births in the fall.

Here are some images of the recent happenings at Grace:

The beehives.



Classes at Grace.



The newborn care training.
Ninotte’s first clients. 

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