Classes at Grace Community Birth Center

Hi Everyone,

Ninotte is now holding regular classes in Grand Bassin, near the site of the future birth center. Last month she held classes and conducted prenatal and postpartum visits over the course of two weekends.

Over the weekend of February 17-19 she saw 2 newborns for postpartum visits (11 and 19 days old, respectively), 5 pregnant women for prenatal care, held a teen sexual education class that 68 girls, age 13-21 took part in, and an adult sexual education and family planning class at which 36 women and 1 man were present.

The following weekend, February 24-26, she continued with the postpartum and prenatal care on Friday night and then held the teen sexual education class on Saturday. There were 58 girls present who, on their own initiative between the first and second weekend of classes formed a committee to bring a contribution of 20 cents each class.

Ninotte is continuing to hold these classes (and the prenatal and postpartum visits) in the community structure in Grand Bassin. Meanwhile, construction has begun on the fence around the border of the Grace Community Birth Center property. This is the first step in the construction of the birth center.

Because Ninotte is holding regular, semi-monthly classes and appointments and because she would like to continue to do so in the future, now more than ever we need to create a solid, dependable donation base.

Please make a donation today so that Ninotte can hold classes and appointments next month!

To make a tax-deductible donation please go to the donation page and follow the instructions there.

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