Grace’s First Sex Education Class


Last Saturday at 11 am nearly 100 people ages 15-75 (including four pregnant women) gathered together at the ‘MODEKOB’ association building in the outskirts of Terrier Rouge for Ninotte’s first community class: “Sex Education: Things to Know.” People walked in from all over, dressed in their finest attire for this rare and much needed opportunity. The class ran for 3 hours with a short break for a traditional meal and the distribution of condoms (the highlight of the day!).

First Class of Grace Community Birth Center

People were fully engaged and asked lots of questions. There is a huge thirst for knowledge about sexuality and motherhood—subjects that are almost taboo in this community. Everyone is looking forward to future classes and to the building of the Birth Center.

A 3-month postpartum mom came to Ninotte after with a tight hug saying: Thank you Ninotte, that was great, I want more of this, please don’t stop! She is breastfeeding exclusively and asked several great questions.

After the class Ninotte met with the pregnant women and did some prenatal consultation. She was able to use a doppler to listen to their babies’ heartbeats.

Due to the huge turn out, next month’s classes will be divided according to age. Targeted prenatal care for the pregnant women will also start next month.

Please donate to Grace Birth Center! Your continuous donations will help us buy teaching materials and allow us to offer participants a small snack. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love you.


Ninotte and Pregnant Women at First Community Class.jpg
Ninotte and the four pregnant women







One thought on “Grace’s First Sex Education Class

  1. Ninotte I am sooooooooo proud of you and the work you are doing. I am honored to be your friend, and I will gladly come back to Haiti to help with the work you have started. Love you my friend


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