Goodbye to 2016

As the year of 2016 comes to its end, Grace Community Birth Center wants to take some time to thank each of you for everything you have helped us achieve throughout the year. Because of your support, love, and contribution we have a loving community, a property, and some money to build a temporary structure so we can begin with prenatal care and community education this coming January 2017.

The community of Grand Bassin, in our last meeting of the year— on December 27th— expressed their strong desire to move forward with the vision of Grace Community Birth Center. As they said, we can’t wait for the structure to be built before starting teaching, let’s start sooner. So we will start in three weeks. Thank you! Your contribution to the project will make it happen.

We believe that tomorrow contains more joy than any yesterday we can recall. Let’s keep working together for tomorrow to be greater.

Haiti has so much to overcome. Therefore, at Grace we prioritize the tiny bit of positivity that is left in peoples’ minds. We are committed to helping them bring change in their lives through EDUCATION, especially sexual education for those of childbearing age and for those who are pregnant. Healthy children in a healthy family for the sake of a sane society.

Someone said: Your contribution to Others determines God’s contribution to you. Believe it or not, you are blessed because you bless us. Thanks God! Thank you!

Happy NEW YEAR to you ALL!



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