Thank you Traverse City supporters!

Thank you Traverse City supporters and friends!

I remain in the condition in which I was called: to serve, not to be served because God gives me nothing I wanted. He gives me everything that I needed.

Your support, contribution, and love for Grace Community Birth Center at the fundraising party in Traverse City, Michigan on November 13th left me speechless. The blessings you have brought through Kathi Mulder (Dance of Life Midwifery) to my midwifery journey since 2011, when she and her daughter Tara met me in Haiti, and now when you have met me in person, are countless.

Your loving energy, hugs, words of encouragement, delicious Haitian food —you have melted my heart. The best part of the fundraiser day was the little girl, pictured below, who came with her grandmother and was the first to put some money in the basket. Her love took all my anxiety away. Her mom bought that Haitian piece of art work she is holding and I witnessed her arguing with her mom that she wanted it to be in her room. That was so sweet! Her sense of love reinforces my convictions about how children are the soul of a society. We can build in them a strong sense of unconditional love so we don’t have to repair broken people in the future.

 kristens-daugherKristen Shook’s daughter- Margo

Thank you, too, to all those who shopped at Oryana on November 10th. They said that it was a record 2% day. $1626 has been donated to the project because of your generosity.

mom-and-ninotte-at-oryanaKathi Mulder and Ninotte Lubin at Oryana CO-OP in Traverse City, Michigan

The world is full of hatred, prejudice, craziness. It’s easier to go there, but you have decided to help improve the lives of other people. It’s a choice. It’s love. It’s deeply appreciated. You are moving with us to help decrease the maternal and neonatal mortality rate in Haiti through prenatal education (I have done it and seen the benefits for vulnerable families), skillfully attended births, and postpartum education. With your help we will be able to educate young people about their sexual lives and support and strengthen families by creating a safe place that respects and supports women and men in their role as parents, in a country in desperate need of the renewal of human values. You are also helping to create a place for young people to learn and practice love, compassion, mutual aid, and a sense of responsibility that will bring a new future for Haiti. They can do better if we help them better.

We do not yet have what we need to start the first phase of the project, but it’s a great beginning. Please continue to donate as you are able. You can make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE (!) donation by making out a check to ‘Bay Eye Charitable Foundation’ (with a note that it is intended for Grace Birth Center) and mailing it to 530 W 11Th Street, Traverse City, Michigan 49684. Or you can donate via the website: Stay tuned for a tax deductible donation portal on the website. Coming soon!

Please, as the Haitian Creole proverb said: men anpil chay pa lou (many hands make the load light), consider contributing more to the project.

Special thanks to Dance of Life Midwifery (Kathi Mulder, Katy Hobbs, Kristen Shook, Connie Eccles, Kristen Burgess) for their spectacular organization of the fundraising; Craig Mulder for his tireless help; Michigan Midwives Association for advertising the events. Thanks to Geradine Simkins for her book sales contributions and this beautiful love letter posted below; Kristen Shook, Summer Ison, Tom & Allison Dayton, Katy Hobbs, Flora Biancalana & Bob Brown, Bonnie Spanier, Lisa Franseen, Nadia, Sonja & Amy Moehle for the delicious Haitian meals you made; Thank you E-Minor, who gifted us with beautiful musics, Tadem Ciders for the hard cider and Shorts for the beer. Thank you Kathi Mulder for leading all of that and always making me feel at home!

With unconditional LOVE,
Ninotte Lubin, CPM- Founder of Grace Community Birth Center




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