So much has been going on with the Grace Community Birth Center Project over the past two and half months!

Thanks to generous donations from the following supporters, Ninotte was able to pay the engineer to finalize the architectural plans for Grace Birth Center and to continue traveling to the land that will house the Center:

Valentina Villa

Colleen Donahoe

Makaia Foster

Summer Bigham

Mercy in Action, Vineyard inc.

S. Star Bontrager

Thank you all!

And stay tuned for a blueprint of the plans!

During one of her visits to the land this summer, Ninotte found a nest of bees. With the help of SAGE, she was able to capture the swarm and relocate it to a hive. Now Grace will have its own honey supply!



Finally, Ninotte will be traveling the United States during the month of October in order to promote the Grace Community Birth Center Project. We will be updating soon about her plans for fundraising. In the meantime, we continue to need your support for Ninotte’s travel and to support the implementation of larger fundraising efforts. Please donate what you can and consider becoming a recurring monthly donor!

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