Architectural Plans

Hi everyone! We are SO EXCITED to see that the Grace blog now has over 400 followers!

We want to thank each of you who have been following and helping us get where we are today. We need to keep working together so we can bring about the change that we desire to see in the maternal and neonatal world.

Since meeting with the community, we have started working with an engineer to get an architectural plan and a budget for the building of the birth center. We need your support to fund these plans!

We are also looking for support to get Ninotte on the site once a month to keep building a relationship with the community.

So, at this time we need to raise $2000 for the architectural and upcoming travel expenses.

It always meant a lot to Grace Community Birth Center to know how much you care and support our work to bring change to Haiti. Much has been done, so much is happening right now, but a lot still has to be done for the renewal of this country. We do not mean to say that our small contribution will make the entire change but, we are 100% sure that our work will add to what others have done so far.

Please give as you are able and consider making a monthly recurring donation! If each of our followers donated $10 right now we would have more than $4000. How amazing would that be!

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Thank you so much!

With LOVE,
Ninotte Lubin, CPM

Main Street in Grand Basin (Terrier Rouge), Haiti


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