Grand Basin is excited for Grace!


After some delays, on February 27, we were finally able to hold a community meeting in Grand Basin in the municipality of Terrier Rouge (population 29,000), where the land for Grace Birth Center is located. It was a huge success! There were around 200 people at the meeting, who are excited for the project; they are eager to see the start of construction that will bring the beginning of the services that will be provided.

IMG_20160227_105833783We wanted to hear all participants to really understand their needs. I was surprised to hear that the Ministry of Health has already prohibited the traditional midwives from delivering babies at home. People are frustrated. They don’t know why this has happened. I am planning to investigate further. It seems the battle has already begun.

The second major concern in the community is the teen pregnancy rate. As it’s said in Creole: timoun ap fe timoun (kids are giving births to kids). People were pleased to hear that a sexual education service is planned for Grace Community Birth Center. They expect these services to put a stop to the unwanted teen pregnancies and thus reduce poverty in the community.

Everyone wanted to know if it was a dream or a reality because very often people come with beautiful projects that they begin and never finish. When I told them that the field is ready and the person who offered it is one of them, they congratulated the donor and all who have supported us in making the papers official. They were even more excited to hear that the well project has been funded and it will be there soon.


People are thirsty to participate in the development of their community. The elderly want to leave something vital for their children and grandchildren. They will encourage each other to understand the project and participate. They believe that God has sent us to bring life in the community and that name Grace is fitting.

The mayor of the town, who is the sister of the land donor, has pledged her support to the project.

I am appreciative of how much people know what they want and are ready to help us make it happen.

There will be more updates soon as we move into the next steps of the project.

Thanks for your support and love for Haiti. Blessings to you!


4 thoughts on “Grand Basin is excited for Grace!

  1. This is so amazing Ninotte! I am so happy to know of a sustainable project that is including the community in the planning!!!! This is amazing!!!


  2. Thanks you for the update Ninotte! Our circle of women thinks of you often, sends blessings too! Grateful for the work you do. XXOO


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